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Heat Shrink Tubes for Loops

Either you adjust a shooting head, need these extra small loops or just want to renew a front or back loop – with these heat shrink tubes you create perfect adapted loops on your own! They are clear so that you can control how the coating melts and prevent it from getting burnt. All you need in addition is a source of heat like a tea light or a hot air gun for example. Choose the diameter of the shrink tube ate least twice than the line you want to create a loop onto. But not too big because if the line lays to loose inside the tube it won’t melt perfectly together and gets uneven resulting in less strength.

Short instruction:
1. Slide the line through the tube. Please take a look at the table below for the right sizes.
2. Fold the tag end of the line to a loop and push it back into the tube so that the tube surrounds the loop (Picture in the gallery).
3. Gently and even heat the shrink tube above the candle until the coating melts (Note: the part where the gap of the loop is, must not be melted.). If the shrink tube gets burned, your too close to the candle or stayed too long. 😉
4. If everything is melted, roll it between your fingers or better on the table. This will connect the coating of both line parts and creates an even round shape.
5. Lengthwise cut the shrink tube off the finished loop.